Planning a Family Trip

So you want to go rafting, but you want to make sure that you and your family are going to have a good time. The following are tips for groups that have kids from 5-17 years old, and for groups just wanting a more relaxed, mellow experience.

Options for a Weekend Trip

On weekends, things get busy, especially between mid-June and mid-August. Holiday weekends can also bring out a more lively crowd. If you have little kids, or are just looking for a more mellow vibe, we highly recommend getting to the river between 9AM and 10AM. Early check ins tend to be less busy, and attract a more mellow crowd. As the day goes on, more people show up, and things tend to get a little more rambunctious!

Options for a Weekday

On weekdays, things are mellow. PERFECT for families or those wanting a more serene experience. Crowds on weekdays are roughly 10-20% of what you might see on a weekend!

Will My Kids Like This Trip?

Kids tend to be the ones that like this trip the most. They can splash around, swim, snack, and generally play around for hours in the sun. As long as the kids are 5+ and comfortable around water, they should be great out there on the water (as long as they always wear a life jacket)!

All Trips Include

Life Jackets
Shuttle Ride
Free Photos
Large & Sturdy Boats
Dry Boxes