River Flows, Conditions, &


River Flows Explained


This is very family friendly and are considered rafting “float trips”. These flows are also kayak-friendly.


At this level we still require two good paddlers but the flow is on the lower end. You still need to be aware of trees at this level and lifejackets should be worn at all times. We do recommend that participants know to swim and you need to have at least one adult per child. Kayaks not allowed at 700CFS+.


This still requires two good paddlers per boat and everyone should know how to swim. The current changes and although this is a fun flow, more attention is required to stay safe. Lifejackets must be worn at all times. Alcohol is not allowed on rafts at 1000+ CFS.


We require at least two or more good paddlers per boat and everyone should know how to swim. The current is very fast and trees can pose a problem if not paying attention so the one cooler per raft is strictly enforced. Alcohol is not allowed at this flow. Life jackets must be worn by everyone at all times. Children must be 7 years or older.

2000cfs and above

We do not run commercial trips due to safety issues.


Flow projections can change, and are controlled by the state.

We will get our initial flow projections for 2024 in late April. In 2024, all adult beverages (max of TWO 12-packs per raft) must fit in one 60-quart ice chest per raft, and hard alcohol and glass bottles are not allowed.  Alcohol will not be allowed at any flow above 1000CFS and alcohol will not be allowed on weekends in July.

You can check conditions before going out on the water: Stanislaus River Flows